10 Cool TVCs You Might Have Enjoyed As a Kid

10 Cool TVCs You Might Have Enjoyed As a Kid 2

There was this time when we didn’t have to face such frequent commercial breaks while watching TV. And, that made the commercials less irritating and many of us probably even loved the TVCs.  Apart from the fact that, these days it’s almost impossible to enjoy a program on TV without being bombarded with ads, it’s a certain fact that, TV commercials are getting better. Now they are more thoughtful and engaging. However, there are some classic TVCs out there, lingering in the darkest corners of the Internet.

Here, I have taken the liberty to present you guys ten such TVCs, in alphabetical order. Read along!

Banglalink Desh:

I remember loving this advertisement. The music was so upbeat and all the colorful attires, the dancing – not going to lie, I was a cheesy teenager. Just watching a few beautiful humans dancing to some cheery music used to make my day. That being said, I never really paid attention to all the Call Rates, FnF,  কথা বেশি বেশি offer this ad has in it. Probably because I didn’t own a phone back then. So, that part was fairly irrelevant to me.


Danish Condensed Milk:

First, a question: Why’s there “Switzerland” mentioned in the title of the ad? My guess is, this was shot in Switzerland? Oh, about Switzerland! Jahangirnagar University has this place called Switzerland! Um, right, you already knew.

Anyhow, where was I?! Oh, yeah! Ads in alphabetical orders. This ad has got Riaz in it, aaaa! Hey, I was a big fan of younger Riaz. Shot in lovely locations featuring Riaz, and the other-person-I-don’t-know-the-name-of, this ad is beautiful! Even if it wasn’t for Riaz or the beautiful locations, it still would be! Why? Come on! It’s condensed milk! I have always loved condensed milk and we had sweet rendezvous, we two, while I was younger. I am a big fan even now! Like, the moment I finish writing this, I’m going to treat myself with some Danish! Whee!




I asked mum showing this ad, “It’s Ferdous, right? 

“Mahfuz,” mum answered.

“And the girl?” 

“Monalisa,” she enlightened me. 


So, now you know too! I… yeah, you’ve got it – loved this ad as well! And, you should be able to guess why! I don’t remember if I loved the beverage in particular but, the way the TVC ends, Fizz up2 – they crashed it! No?



Joni Print Saree:

Pardon me, isn’t this glorious as ever? For some reason, I can’t stop laughing! Like, the name “Joni Print Saree” keeps tickling my inner clown and I keep coming up with sarcastic comments. Nonetheless, the sarees look pretty, wouldn’t you say?



Keya Super Lemon Soap:

Hands down, this be posh! I think I can say the same for the product too. When I was living with my grandma back in class three, she sometimes bought this Lemon soap and I washed my hand solely for the fragrance! Its refreshing lemon essence mesmerized me all the time! I think Lifebuoy has a similar product now, maybe Savlon too?

Don’t worry, I’m not a soap geek! But hey, Dettol has lemon-flavored soaps too!



Monchere Milk Candy:

This one, I personally loved it! Including the candies. I’m not sure if they still marketize this, reckon I  will ask the nearby departmental store the next time. The TVC, on the other hand, is utterly cute and sweet! In fact, I’m so smitten right now that even my sarcastic self has somehow decided to act up. So, enjoy the ad, reminisce, kay? Okay? Okay.


Philips Bulb:

Ha! This is ancient! And, unlike many other TVCs of today, it also tells a story, and a relatable one too! No wonder ads could really affect people back in those days! Don’t let me start again with it, just, watch it!

And yeah, eat in well-lit places, for your own safety.



I have a very distinct memory with this TVC. There was this time, possibly the night before Eid-ul-Fitr, I was sitting with my mum. She was applying henna and I had my nose dug in TV. Suddenly, this ad started broadcasting and all of a sudden, it hit me!

“How does one spell RC!”

I had this crazy feeling that if only I could figure that out, maybe I would even be nominated for Nobel Prize! I was sure that, the spelling could never be as simple as just R and C, a very skeptical kid I was!

However, this ad was upbeat and fun too! And, by the way, I love RC Lemon Cola! No, not the diet one, duh.



Shopno Jabe Bari Amar:

Grameen Phone always had a unique way of making decent TVCs. And, this particular one was aired just before a Eid if I’m not mistaken, so it was perfectly relatable as we Bangladeshi people always crave for home when it comes to celebrating!

It has a Feel-Good vibe in it too!


Wheel (আমার দেশ আমার হুইল):

Well, Wheel has been our best friend for ages, even without exaggerating! And, I’m no one to deny this. My clothes are officially washed every day with this detergent and they don’t stink!

This commercial is beautiful with the landscapes depicting our country. So, I don’t think it needs any more explanantion.


Finally, the list is based on my preferences and I’m sure I’ve missed some remarkable TVCs along the way. So, feel free, in fact, I encourage you to share with us some of the favorite advertisements younger you enjoyed watching! Also, hope you’ve enjoyed the article!

Plus hey, um, Dettol has a lemon soap! Antibacterial too! I checked.

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