23 Reasons Why FRIENDS Is The Best TV Show Ever

“So no one told you life was gonna be this way…” *clap*clap*clap*clap*


If you are one of the millions of people out there who still clap along without missing a single beat whenever this song starts playing, you have experienced something special in your life.

Whether you grew up with the show, watched re-runs of it on TV, bought the DVDs or downloaded it from the internet, you are a part of this family. But there will always be people out there who will say stuff like, “Umm actually, they have copied a lot of the story elements from Seinfeld” or “It might be the best sitcom but not the best TV show out there”… Blah blah blah.

Just tell them that whatever they are saying is a Moo point.

Moo Point

1. It has left a hole in our hearts that no other show can fill.

1 Hole

2. It introduced us to the best pickup line in the history of pickup lines.

2 How You Doin'

3. It taught us the correct way of playing a guitar.

3 Guitar

4. It taught us the ancient Japanese art of “Unagi”.

4 Unagi

5. We can’t say “Oh my god” without sounding like Janice.

5 Oh My God

6. We connect to Joey on a spiritual level.

6 Joey-doesn't-share-food

7. Rachel’s hair always looked so damn perfect.

7 Rachel Hair 1


7 Rachel Hair 2

8. It always had the best celebrity cameos.

8 Celebrity-Cameos-Brad-Pitt

9. We miss not seeing Ross getting married to someone recently.

9 Ross married


10 Ichiban

11. Chandler taught us how to cope with socially awkward situations.

11 Chandler uncomfortable

12. And how to give great life advice.

12 Chandler advice

13. “Smelly Cat” was simply a masterpiece.

13 Smelly-Cat

14. Shouting “PIVOT!” became the best part about moving furniture.

14 Pivot

15. It taught us this.

15 Giving the Finger

16. It really made us want to try this at least once.

16 Clothes

17. We fell in love with Gunther.

17 Gunther

18. Joey always managed to inspire us with his wise words.

18 Dinosaur

19. “We were on a break!”

19 We were on a break

20. That unforgettable turkey.

20 Turkey

21. It made you believe that one day you’ll find your lobster.

21 Lobster

22. And they will get off the plane for you.

22 Get off the plane

23. What makes Friends so special? Because in your heart you always know that they’ll be there for you.

23 There for you

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