5 Offensively Funny Bangla Memes Pages

The trend of sharing seemingly innocent image posts with seemingly random captions have taken social media by storm ever since pages like 9GAG, 4CHAN and Unilad became popular. The pages “produced” extremely relatable, trendy and shareable memes on an almost daily basis that became instant viral hits. They had successfully cracked the viral formula. While most of these memes were in english and were centered around the western culture, Bangalis quickly caught on to the trend and took over the newsfeeds of bengali social media users. Here are some of the more creative ones and arguably offensive but funny ones that dominated our news feeds in recent times:

Khati Bangla Mimiz

This page has about 30K likes on facebook owing to organic shares of its localized crude memes. They have mostly leverage on the classics of bangla cinema by bringing them to life by placing them in the context of modern memes. Here’s an example:

The Dickteyder

Unlike other pages in this list, this page goes the length to create more of a personal brand than a whole new brand identity. The Dickteyder, aka, Tanvir Teyder, is a young boy who with an amazing sense of humor with just the right amount of sarcasm that the mass people would actually be able to understand. In addition to making memes, he also is working in partnership with a YouTube channel to create videos. He also recently teased a modern re-do of Meena, which gained a lot of popularity.

14 Again

Keeping with the underlying theme of all the pages featured in this list, 14 Again too is a page that embodies the persona of an offensive 14 year old sharing juvenile crass jokes with his/her class mates. 14 Again also has a website which features articles.


Rantages has been around for the longest time among the pages discussed in this list. Rantages started out as a blog which posted rants about the society we live in.  It then pivoted to making memes for its Facebook page and has gained much popularity. Some might call Rantages a pioneer in creating and sharing crude humor memes.


Thakurmar Jhuli Memes

You would think that Thakurmar Jhuli Memes (TJM) would be the narrowest of the bunch, but you’d be wrong. TJM has creatively used scenes and snapshots from the series Thakurmar Jhuli to put them in different trendy meme formats. The result is popularity in both Bangladesh and India (as the series is from India) and 80K likes.


Special Mention:

Moja Losss?

Moja Losss, while not as crude, was the Bangladeshi meme page to gain popularity. It had also used its large fan following to push social justice agendas such as the arrest of a physical abuser. Moja Losss? page was eventually taken down due to content that were politically sensitive.

Mad Mughal Memes

Mad Mughal Memes is a meme page that creates memes that are based on the arts and paintings of the historical Mughal empire. While they might not be strictly Bangali (if at all), they are still relatable.

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