6 New Bengali YouTubers to Check Out Now!

Looking back at our childhood days, we realize that definition of ‘entertainment’ has undergone radical transformations over the years. The 90’s generation grew up watching shows like Thunder Cats (remember the theme song!), Bananas in Pajamas, Captain Planet (*He’s the Hero*), Barney and Friends, Meena-all of which were aired on BTV (don’t cringe, we didn’t have cable TV back then!). McGyver, Miami Vice, Alif Laila (with its over-the-top, weird makeup and costumes) were immensely popular TV series that glued both the young and the old to the telly.  Prime time entertainment for adults featured Bengali television dramas and plays, some of which had massive fan following, like Kothao Keu Nei, Aj Robibar and Shongshoptok. It was during the early 2000’s when ‘dish channels’ introduced us to the wonderful world of cartoon network (I always considered it as some kind of parallel universe) and Nickelodien.

Entertainment has come a long way since then, with Facebook and Youtube exposing us to a whole new media. Given its reach and ease of access, Youtube is seen as the best way to reach the masses, especially the youth when it comes to merging social awareness, education, promotion, branding along with providing unadulterated entertainment.

The concept of Youtube or Facebook celebrities gained recognition over the past few years, with a lot of young people using social media to educate or entertain people. The list features Top 7 Bengali Youtubers who have recently made a breakthrough with their unique and refreshing content.

Ayman Sadiq and 10 minute school:

Grappling with differentiation right before your calculus exam? Frequently mixing up meiosis and mitosis? Can’t remember the multi-colored gas tests? Have no fear when 10 min school is here! Brainchild of Ayman Sadiq, a fresh graduate of IBA, University of Dhaka, 10 Minute School, is an online education platform ( and a non-profit educational organization) founded in 2015, which features over 1,500 video lessons teaching a wide spectrum of academic subjects including English, mathematics, science, business. 10 min school has revolutionized the education scene in Bangladesh by successfully conduction over a 100 online classes for JSC, SSC and HSC candidates. Apart from youtube videos, the 10 min school website offers a structured guideline for aspiring candidates of public/private university admission candidates as well as live admission coaching classes. Students can also take help from Smart books, sit for online model tests as well as hone their presentation or graphics designing skills via Youtube tutorials. The 10 min school blog, features inspirational and insightful articles along with valuable learning hacks. Supported by Robi, 10 min school aims to reach out to learners and educators everywhere, even in the remotest corners of Bangladesh, with its student-friendly content.

From a BBA student to one of the pioneers of ‘digitized education’ in Bangladesh, Ayman Sadiq’s journey to fame is indeed awe-inspiring. Apart from the creator 10 min school, he is also an immensely popular motivational speaker and has visited more than 50 educational institutions so far, urging capacity crowds of energetic youth to explore their untapped potentials.



‘Bhedaimma’ is a comdedian/Youtuber ( who goes by this pseudonym) who launched his youtube channel very recently, and created quite a stir with  his debut video ‘Pure bullshit that parents tell us”. Since then the channel uploaded 3-4 videos in their Youtube channel ( although they are more active in their Facebook page). The content is funny, lighthearted and features content  which every urban Bangladeshi guy/girl can relate to.  Check out their Youtube channel for a good laugh!


Feeling down? Had a nasty day and things didn’t go your way? Subcribe to ButtFixx  on Youtube and watch some of their videos and you’re bound to crack a smile (or end up ROFL). ButtFixx is a Bangladeshi Youtube channel featuring spoofs and parodies of hilarious Bengali movies with whacky, makes-no-sense plots. Their parody version of “MachineMan’, ‘Bishakto Nagin’ and Hero went absolutely viral on both Facebook and Youtube. Their quirky, slightly risqué content however, is for matured audiences only (some of their punch lines have innuendos even I didn’t get at first -_-). But nevertheless watching Jasim doing psychopathic dance steps in a golden spacesuit, couldn’t have been funnier without the background commentary!


Solaiman Shukhon

Head of Business of Aamra Smart solutions, Solaiman Shukhon, apart from being a tremendously successful entrepreneur and business executive, is also a renowned motivational speaker. His Youtube videos narrate real life stories involving his life and his eventual choice of career, addressing the youth population with diverse career needs. He has also featured in a number of videos produced by 10 minute school,  advising undergraduate students not to run after CGPAs only but also focus on ECA’s and building communication skills.


Munatic and Farhana Muna: Farhana Muna, popularly known as “Munatic” by her viewers is the face behind the various typical Bengali personalities she dramatizes in her videos while entertaining the masses in Bangladesh and abroad. Her silly skits imitating Deshi Aunties, typical guests in Bengali parties are not just funny, but relatable as well.  The Saudi-born Bangladeshi YouTuber became a sensation in just three months of her engagement in the YouTube community in 2015.

The Jhakanaka Project and Raba Khan:

Multitalented teenager Raba Khan emerged with a Youtube channel named “The Jhakanaka Project” back in 2014, where she and her brother Fahad Reaz Khan posted videos portraying typical conversations of Bangladeshis with a touch of satire. Since then, their channel have had over 1.3 million views.  She is also an RJ and hosts two shows Radio Foorti. She recently started a signature clothing line called The Jhakanaka Clothing where she sells T-shirts with funny quotes and pick-up lines.  Occasionally posting karaoke videos on her Facebook profile, her singing has gained much appreciation from viewers.


A shout out to Salman Muqtadir, Bhaibrothers, Gaan Friends, NafBro, the Crazy Bangladeshi . These YouTubers/channels  deserve the honorable mention for setting the benchmark high for others.

Way to go the Youtube Generation!








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  1. Feels great to see Bhedaimma at Number 2. Despite being from India I fell in love with Bhedaimma when their FB page just had 1000 likes. Even got the chance to speak to the comedian himself for a long time as back then he wasn’t as popular and busy as now. I remember how I compared him to Bhuvan Bam of India and he felt honoured about it.

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