Top 10 Greatest Bangladeshi Actors and Actresses

Once Muriel Rukeyser, an American poet, and political activist said, “The Universe is made up of stories, not atoms”. In fact, it is indeed true. In a world where it is difficult to assess the range and quality of human emotions, stories are the ones that sometimes conjure bliss despite having grief gnawing at one’s existence; or give one the blues even if he or she is on cloud nine. Some of these tales were written by eminent writers who made their professional debut by scribbling those on pieces of papers.

However, the feelings that one gets from actions, sagas, and deus ex machinas are not only confined to shriveled pages or embossed objects these days. Rather, those are imparted to the silver screens for the audience to look forward to feeling it. For that purpose, T.V. artistes have endeavored to emote the characters of the pages to entertain people, both in cinemas and theaters.

Among those actors, some passed their test of tenacity in the face of a barrage of criticism. Fortunate for us, some of those starlets were born in this country, the ones who made their debut in the film industry before the advent of independence. A list of these kings and queens of the flicks are shown below:



1. Nayak Raj Razzak

A renowned film actor is what he is and still that fame has not waned since his first appearance in the filmdom. His acting is known to be one of the best among all. “Behula” is one of the movies in which he performed, and it was a big break for him to be a matinee idol and a film star! His name is Abdur Rajjak, also known as Nayak Raj Razzak.

 2. Bulbul Ahmed

This actor is a legendary one who is held in awe by several. One of the films in which he starred is “Shimana Periye”, for which he received the National Film Award. He died on 14th of July in the year 2010. Despite his demise, he is still renowned among the old generation for his acting; hats off to this great personage who is still remembered beyond the grave.

3. Alamgir

An actor known for his stunning thespian performance, Alamagir has made his name go down in the pages of history. His very debut in the filmdom has transformed the industry.

4. Sohel Rana

Sohel Rana, which is Masud Parvez’s stage name, is quite an epitome that detective movies like Sherlock Homes are also possible in our country. He is truly an aspiration. He worked in many movies, including “Most Welcome 2 (2014)”, in which he was portrayed as a Bangladeshi scientist.

5. Farooque

One of his famous films Lathial is truly a depiction of the livelihood of a villager who lives off fighting with sticks. He is truly an inspiration to the stars of tomorrow.


       1. Kobori Sarwar

Kobori is a Bangladeshi Film Actress and a member of parliament. She was awarded accolades that few people can lay their eyes on.

       2. Bobita

Her real name is Farida Akhter, with which most people are acquainted with. She worked on many novel adaptions and other films.


Shabana’s real name is Afroza Sultana Ratna. She has been awarded National Film Award 10 times. There are numerous films in which she starred and people actually lost count of those. Her theatricality is truly remarkable.

       4. Sucharita

She is known by her stage name Sucharita. Her real name, however, is Baby Helen. She had a breakthrough in the film Jadur Bashi, for which she received National Film Award in the year 1993 for being the best actress.


Her films are truly inspirational. Notable works of her are ”Rakkhushi” and “Koshai”. She has acted in 150 films till date.


The actors whom we see today online and on air are also prominent actors who keep on entertaining people despite major setbacks of their life. Despite this fact, the names of the people whom I mentioned are noteworthy because of their contribution to the film industry, breaking the norms and stigma due to the perception towards Bangladeshi films in the 60’s. For these people, those films achieved its worth to be shown in movie theaters; the worth of these masterpieces however regrettably dwindled to a trickle these days, the stories that defined lives. They are the ones who took over the harness when it was necessary.


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