10 Bangladeshi Heroes Who Are Changing the Society for the Better

1. Kamal Quadir 

Kamal Quadir is the co-founder of Bkash, a mobile financial service company.  Bkash has been very successful in making a broad range of financial services available to the people of Bangladesh. He is currently the CEO of Bkash .He was the creator of CellBazaar which was later acquired by Telenor in 2010.

2. Ayman Sadiq 

Ayman Sadiq is an educator and Founder of 10 Minute School, a free online education platform. He has produced over 2,000 video lessons teaching a wide spectrum of academic subjects. With the main focus on English, mathematics, science and skill development, Ayman hopes to make education easier and accessible for all Bangladeshis.

He graduated from IBA, University of Dhaka. In his student life he successfully participated in many competitions and won awards and recognition like  – BRAC Manthan Digital Innovation Award, Swiss Embassy Award for Social Impact, Youth Award 2016, DYDF Youth Icon Award, Bizmaestros Champion, Brandwitz’13 Champion, Unilever Future Leaders’ League 2016, MWC award, GLOMO Award at World Mobile Congress.

10 Minute School is revamping the way students learn in Bangladesh. With Ayman’s charming personality and motivation the lessons are no longer boring but something many students look forward to.

3. Ejaj Ahmed 

Ejaj Ahmad is the Founder and President of Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center (BYLC), Bangladesh’s first leadership institute. The goal of BYLC is to mobilize the youth and develop leadership skills in them. Ejaj received numerous national and international awards and fellowships for his work so far. Most notable among them are the Ashoka Fellowship, Eisenhower Fellowship, and Harvard Kennedy School’s Rising Star Award.

4. Shougat Nazbin Khan 

Shougat Nazbin Khan is the founder of H. A. Digital School & College. She used her family’s land in northern Bangladesh and took the help of digital tools to provide education to the rural people. The school provides free textbooks, school uniforms and transport. She received the Commonwealth Youth Award for Asia in 2016 for her success in educating 600 children. She was awarded the Green Talent award in 2015 for developing low-cost solar irrigation system.

5. Korvi Rakshand 

Korvi Rakshand in the founder of a non-profit organization named JAAGO Foundation which was established in April 2007. It started with a free-of-cost school in the slum area of Rayer Bazaar. The operations of JAAGO have since expanded and many more schools have been set up to cater to the needs of the underprivileged children. JAAGO Foundation started, Volunteer for Bangladesh in 2011, as its volunteer wing. Korvi Rakshand was awarded Mosaic Award Talent 2010 and Commonwealth Youth Awards 2013 for his work.

He has also been recognized as “Top 99 under 33 Foreign Policy Leader” and “Top 10 Inspirational Bangladeshis around the World”.

6. Osama Bin Noor 

Osama Bin Noor won the Queen’s Young Leaders Award, 2016. Osama is the co-founder of Youth Opportunities, an online platform where students can get information regarding scholarships, internships and conferences. Osama is also the resource co-coordinator of Volunteer for Bangladesh Dhaka District, an organization which offers the youth to take part in community service.

He is also the host of Teen Tekka, a radio show for teenagers in Bangladesh.

7. Salman Khan 

Salman Khan is an American educator of Bangladeshi ancestry. He is the founder of Khan Academy and is a true pioneer in the field of education. Salman Khan through Khan Academy has helped millions of people around the world learn math, science and other subjects for free.

8. Nishat Mazumder 

On 19 May 2012, Nishat Mazumder became the first Bangladeshi woman to scale Mount Everest. She is an experienced mountaineer but Everest was her biggest challenge. Her success continues to encourage and empower women in Bangladesh to take action and take control of their own lives.

9. Mizanur Rahman Kiron 

Mizanur Rahman Kiron founded the Physically-Challenged Development Foundation (PDF) in 2008. It is a nonprofit organization helping disabled youth in Bangladesh.

The organization has two main aims – first, it provides work skill trainings for the youth and second, it raises awareness of disability issues in Bangladesh, where rights of physically challenged individuals are often overlooked and their opportunities severely restricted.

10. Solaiman Shukhon 

Solaiman Shukhan left his corporate job to become a standup comedian.  Bringing humor into people’s lives is not an easy job but he has been doing it for a long time now. His motto is to spread happiness and so far he has been quite successful.

He started video blogging to send important messages and create social awareness. He is currently working as a Brand and Image Consultant, helping individuals and companies with their branding, alongside his job as a standup comedian.

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