8 Things You See When Eid Is Here

There are some typical things we encounter every Eid. Eid is here and so are those phenomena. Here are a few things that  you’re bound to see when it’s Eid:
  1. Overcrowded vehicles

    Photos of overcrowded buses and ferries, people sitting on top of trains and people jumping to get into a launch are all over the news. Any news channels you turn to, you can see  the sufferings of homebound people in long lines of traffic.

    Eid is incomplete without a scene like this.

  2. Henna

    Almost every Bangali girl applies henna on the occasion of Eid. You get to see a lot of henna clad hands and plethora of henna designs in Facebook,Instagram, Snapchat etc.

  3. Goodbye Ramadan

    People upload statuses about how Ramadan passed so quickly and what a blessed month it was. Farewell, holy month.

  4. Eid Shongha

    You will see an ad on the newspaper which says ‘Aji apnar hawker ke bolun. Eid er baki ek /dui din.’ followed by the contents of the magazine. You will also  get a  special Eid magazine a day or two before Eid and another one with the entire television schedule for the Eid week.

  5. Don’t come back

    As we all know, many people leave the capital before Eid. Consequently, the roads become freer and those who stay back enjoy few days of this bliss. However everyone knows that this traffic free city is a temporary  phenomenon. Dhaka dwellers fed up with the congestion can be seen uploading posts like  ‘Those who left for Eid, please don’t come back.’

  6. Salami Memes

    Getting salami from elders is one of the main attractions of Eid. We absolutely love it. A lot of salami memes have been going around in social media over the last couple of days. Surely, you have come across one or two.

  7. Eid Getaways

    It is extremely difficult to plan a family holiday. Only during the two Eids, (almost) everyone is free so people travel during this time. They upload Eid Gateaway photos. It seems a lot of people celebrate Eid abroad.

  8. Concerned People

    Friends and family will want to know your plans for Eid, where you will be celebrating Eid, how many dresses you have made etc.

    If you know more signs, do let us know in the comments.

    Eid Mubarak!


Warda Binte Humayun
A bibliophile,self-proclaimed huge fan of Bangladesh cricket team,shutterbug and chocoholic.



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