Five Relationship Myths: Debunked

Relationships. It’s more than spotting smitten couples on Facebook. It’s more than just changing your relationship status. It’s more than going to expensive dates and updating your Instagram feed. Relationship, today is a socially approved scale to judge a person. From their appearance to interpersonal skills, even their academic achievement. Like, “Arreh, o toh gadha, ei jonno boyfriend nai!” If you are a High School student and haven’t yet known the pain of getting ditched, you probably haven’t been doing it right. If you’re a university student but aren’t engaged to a “Boro Vaiya” you better have a second look on your priorities. Anyhow from observation, I’ve found a few myths about relationships and assuming you’ll allow me to enlighten you, here’s five:

1..    Changing Someone Just by Loving Them:

Where did you get that from, exactly? It only ever happens in movies. Honestly, in real life, you have minus zero chance of changing someone with your love. What more, it’s not even fair if you aim for that. If you’re loving someone, it means you’re accepting them for who they are. You don’t own them so, don’t expect to change them either. Life barely is a Shabnoor-Riaz movie and the chance of your better-half changing their lifelong habits for you is even lesser.

2.    Love Can Win It All:

Trust me, it can’t. Your love for your significant other won’t win you his mother’s affection. His love for you won’t win him your mercy if he accidentally misses ten of your calls at 3 in the morning. Both of your love won’t win you free buffet at Radisson Blu either. So, stop posting cheesy quotes on Facebook. It makes even less sense than Pat Buchanan ever did. 

3. Love Is Enough:

Psst, lady! Love most certainly isn’t enough. Relationships need work, even if you feel like you’re dating your soul mate. There will definitely come a time that your pout selfies won’t mean much to your boyfriend than his workout selfies mean to you. So, be ready for that and don’t freak out if he doesn’t reply to every of your message with smitten or smooch emoji. 

4. You Two Must Spend Every Waking Hour Together:

Either by holding hands in this 32-degree summer weather or texting non-stop. Because you are a couple and everyone should always know that. Besides, if you just leave him for ten minutes, god knows what he will do. Maybe he will just look at the funny meme on his home feed and laugh! You can’t allow that now, can you?

Of course, you can. If you don’t want your relationship to end up as a nightmare. Give yourself space, take time to enjoy yourselves.

5. “If he loves me, it must mean he’s Charles Xavier:”

If only you had the luck of dating Professor X, ha! I mean, what I’m trying to say is, your boyfriend isn’t a mega powerful mutant with mind-reading ability. So, if you’re upset for some reason and he’s acting naïve, chances are he really doesn’t know what’s up. So, communicate, speak up. Don’t expect him to know everything unless of course, you’re dating a superhero. 

So, there you go! Please, thank me and beware of the love myths. The latter is optional, by the way. 

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