Top 8 Waterfalls Of Bangladesh

1. Paindu Saitar

According to some, It is the largest waterfall yet discovered in Bangladesh. Saitar means waterfall in Bom. You have to travel 40 km by foot. On the way, you have to cross colossal hills and the Paindu Khal. It is situated in Rongyachori,Bandarban.


2.  Nafakhum 

You need somewhat extreme adventuring skills for this one. This waterfall is  located in the remote part of Bandarban.Once you reach Thanchi, you have to travel three hours by boat to Tindu. Then another three hour boat journey on the Sangu river to reach Remakri. From Remakri, it’s a three hour trek to the waterfall. What you finally see infront of you after this arduous expedition is a sight to behold. ‘Khum’ means waterfall in Marma. The waterfall is 25-30 feet in height and flows from the hilly river ‘Sangu’. 


3. Amiakhum 

It is yet another waterfall located in Bandarban. Amiakhum is gorgeous to say the least. There are probably numerous undiscovered waterfalls in the isolated parts of Bandarban. Amiakhum is close to the Bangladesh-Myanmar border. The trek is kind of dangerous in the rainy season. You might want to watch some of the trekking videos in Youtube if you are planning to visit.


4. Khoiyachora

This waterfall has been titled ‘Queen of Falls’. The trek is comparatively less difficult. In some places along the ‘jhiripoth’ the water might be  too deep or the road impassable. In that case, you have to find alternate routes through the hills. The water pounding the rocks is a  stunning sight. If you are feeling too adventurous you can climb the hill and sit on the steps. It is located in Khoiyachora village in Mirsharai Upazila which is close to the Dhaka-Chittagong Highway.


5. Hum Hum

Explorers discovered this  beauty  in 2009. It is situated in Razkandi reserve forest in Moulvibazar District. You have to hike through serpentine paths of a dense forest and cross more than ten ’tilas’ and few hills on the way. At the end of the rock covered narrow path, you wil find the exquisite waterfall. The journey might be 3-4 hours long. By the way, there is a high possibility of being attacked by leeches.


6. Madhobkunda 

This  waterfall is situated inside an eco park in Borolekha thana of  Moulovi Bazar District. If you are not up for too much adventure but still want to visit a grand waterfall, this is where you should be. A vortex is  created from the water descending from the top so you should avoid going near the large pool underneath the main waterfall. You can get a good view of the entire area from the watch tower.


7. Suptadhara and Shohosrodhara

These two falls are inside the Shitakunda Eco Park. The growling  and rumbling waterfalls are  magnificent.The ideal time to visit these waterfalls is monsoon. Only then will you be able to witness the true beauty of the waterfalls.


8. Jadipai 

This waterfall is a 2 km walk from the Keokaradong peak. Rainy season is the best time to visit. The waterfall is ridged so the water falls through several steps. By the way, it is another leech prone area. 


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